Air Transport Auxiliary Memorial Hamble-le-Rice Hampshire UK


Ceremony Details The Memorial Photos Air Transport Auxiliary Print The Poster Home Page Aeroplane Monthly magazine. ATA features in the January to April 1979 and January 2003 issues. The ATA Museum opened on 12 August 2012. It holds a wealth of ATA information and memorabilia, as well as a Spitfire flight simulator. It is a part of the Maidenhead Heritage Centre. The official website of the Royal British Legion whose assistance with the unveiling has been invaluable. The Government website explaining details of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) Veterans Badge. Have kindly permitted the broadcast of their film 'Ferry Pilot' during the reception/exhibition. Richard Poad and the Maidenhead Heritage Centre have generously given a wealth of support from their extensive ATA museum. A wonderful website created by two ATA enthusiasts Flight Captains J C Haywood & H M Barratt. The official website of the Royal Air Force association whose assistance with the unveiling has been invaluable.

The ATA - Women with Wings by Cathy M Morgan Type 'Air Transport Auxiliary' in to the search bar to find a wealth of related BBC articles including radio & tv broadcasts. Justin Adams generously provided all the plans to enable the manufacture of the Memorial Spitfire. Joe Dible and Mike Watts intend a flypast in Foster Wikner Wicko G-AF JB over the Memorial during the unveiling if the conditions are ok. The plane was previously owned by ATA pilots Philippa Bennet and Lettice Curtis.

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